2014 Book roundup

Books for 2014

Over the past year I’ve read (or started reading) a few triathlon related books. The underlying themes among them are: work smarter, not harder along with developing a solid base of functional strength.

Anatomy for Runners: Unlocking Your Athletic Potential for Health, Speed, and Injury Prevention by Jay Dicharry
I’m currently in the middle of this book and wow, I’ve learned so much already. I’d say this is a must read for anyone that’s seriously in to how the body functions when running and how to work though and treat the issues that arise from the stresses that running imparts.

FASTER: Demystifying the Science of Triathlon Speed by Jim Gourley
By surprise this book was sent to me by the publisher because I was one of the first hundred people to donate to Jordan Rapp’s world bicycle relief fundraiser last year. Jim is a rocket scientist (literally he’s an astronautical engineer who previously worked for the US Air Force) and lays it all out, if you want to get faster in theses three sports, what works and what doesn’t. Spoiler: spending a lot of money on a lightweight bike won’t make much of a differnce and wearing a wetsuit can lead to huge time savings (providing it fits well of course).

Swim Speed Secrets for Swimmers and Triathletes: Master the Freestyle Technique Used by the World’s Fastest Swimmers by Taormina, Sheila
Ok, I think I got this in 2013, but I didn’t start to apply anything until this year. If you can take one think away from this book, it’s this: lowering your stoke count (a.k.a gliding) won’t necessarily make you a faster swimmer. She covers it in this blog post as well. What’s important is a good pull with high turnover along with a vertical forearm, and acquiring a “feel for the water”.

The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance by Matt Dixon MSc
This one’s on deck. One of Matt’s big things is functional strength which as I said earlier, is a theme that runs through most of these books. His perspective on coaching after his career as an athlete is refreshing. I’m looking forward to diving in to this one.

The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free–for Life by Nicholas Romanov
This is on my “up next list”, right after the Matt Dixon book. Romanov is the creator of the Pose method of running. This book is about running efficiency and reducing risk of injury. Did I mention functional strength?

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