2014 NYC Marathon, a week away

2014 TCS NYC Marathon

So in just over a week, I’ll be finally getting my second run at the NYC Marathon. I did the race back in 2009 and while I was having a great day and enjoying every minute, I managed to twist my ankle at the start and then tweak my IT band over the first 18 or so miles, the last 10k was quite painful. This year’s race is a deferral for me after Hurricane Sandy canceled the 2014 edition.

So, after an foot injury (Peroneal tendonitis) in August, my planned 2 month ramp up was shortened to 1 month. This is not ideal in any situation, but I had a busy October with 2 weekends of travel. I started slow with 3 to 5 mile runs then 2 10ks and finally my “long run”, a 15 miler. After discussing with my Coach at EN, the rest of my runs were to be alternating 5 and 10 milers with a rest day in-between. When I do my last run on Wednesday before the race, I’ll hopefully have some durability in my legs to finish the race without too much pain.

Goals for the race:
Finish smiling
4:35 (or faster finish) — I know given the amount of training I’ve done it’s asking a lot, but if my legs hold up, I think I can sneak by.

Bib number is 27139, second wave at 10:05AM, Orange Corral C.

Amazingly Amazing