Moxie National Team for 2015

Moxie Multisport

Moxie Multisport is an Austin, Texas, based triathlon team with ‘a jam packed roster of spunky, hard working athletes!’

I’m excited to announce that this year I’ll be part of the 2015 Moxie Multisport National Team. I met a few of the members last year after the Austin 70.3 race. After seeing their general vibe and extremely enthusiastic cheering section on the course, I approached a couple of Moxie guys the that finished close to when I did and they told me about the team. When I saw that they went National this year I decided to give it a go.

For training, as I almost never did workouts with the local team I was previously on, the training partners thing wasn’t an issue. And while I was looking something different to give myself a a renewed focus on racing, not much has changed in my day to day life, I’ll still train with the same people I always have, and I’ll always give the same friendly wave and support to everyone I’ve been teammates with in the past.